Austrian Anecdotes: Schnitzelquest

It’s a schnitzel bit funny…this feeling inside.

In every classic tale, there comes a time when our hero must go in search of some precious object or fabled item to gain experience and wisdom. She must travel far and wide, endure all kinds of hardship and danger, to find the reward she seeks and return, triumphant. From Star Wars, to the Lord of the Rings, to Harry Potter, the hero’s quest is what separates the boy from the man, the girl from the woman, and the story from the legend.

In Europe, my hero’s quest was for Wienerschnitzel.

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Austrian Anecdotes: A Better Sachertorte

You can make almost anything look Instagrammable with some angles, a cute plate, and filters!

Missing that dessert you had during your travels? Bake the vacay.

If you read recipe blogs, you’ll know that there are those blogposts that look so perfect and magazine-ready that you just have to sigh. How can someone with such impeccable skills possibly exist? you wonder, and how can they be so good at what they do? They make everything look so easy and you just know that if you work hard enough, you’ll be able to do everything perfectly too. And off you go, inspired, to recreate this creme de la creme of a recipe.

Well, all I can tell you is this is not going to be one of those posts.

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img_3742Take a trip with Tafelspitz.

A little over a week ago, I came back to the US from Europe. I’d competed in an international adult figure skating competition in Germany and visited Vienna and Budapest afterward. It was my first time traveling solo, and while I was a little intimidated before I went, it was an incredible experience and I’m really glad I did it.

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