Lion’s Head Meatballs


Seriously great meatballs. Not even lion.

Every cuisine has some kind of meatball recipe, for good reason: unless you are vegan, everyone loves meatballs. And I think Lion’s Head Meatballs are some of the best the world has to offer. They’re so named because the Napa cabbage floating in the soup forms the flowing mane of the meatball lion head, which especially makes sense if you’ve seen Chinese paintings of lions or lion dance puppets. Sometimes, though I think the name was created by old school Chinese trolls who knew people would just assume the recipe calls for actual lion. The good news is, it’s just pork. Oink oink!

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Hello, world!

Here is a photo that makes me happy:

Exhibit A

Why? There are at least 9 cozy things in the photo, not counting anything on the bookshelf. When I look at it, I can feel how comfortable I’ll be the next time I use one of the squashy pillows, or wrap myself up in a soft blanket. And the colors all go together in a very soothing “bedroom of a panda” way, which is nice and comforting. It’s like a big layer cake of coziness waiting to be enjoyed by said panda: me.

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